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Application Files are up!

Apps are up, and if you'd like to see them on the net, here they are.


There are two sorts of characters on Revolution X. They are ORIGINAL characters, and FEATURE characters. Regardless of which type you wish to play, there are some common requirements we will need on any application:

Author Information (About You):
· Your name or a nickname to call you by:

· Two Online RPG Characters you've played before (And theme): (If no previous experience online, please include here three sentences on why you'd like to RP on our game)

· YOUR EMAIL: Very Important!!

Character Information
· Full name:

· Nickname or Codename:

· Age and Birthday:

· Character's Biography: (Hint: Be creative! Writing the biography can be tiresome, we understand. If you enjoy creating it, we'll enjoy reading it, and all parties will find immediate benefit.)

In your biography, not in separate sections, please highlight:

· Childhood
· Schooling
· Family Life
· Achievements
· Drawbacks
· Personal Relationships
· Adult Life

Of course, younger characters may have a smaller background, and older characters may have longer BGs.

Including a 'personal comment' from the character, themselves, (written in the voice of the character – like a diary entry, a monologue or a letter) will be considered an added and encouraged bonus, but is not necessary and will not reflect badly on your app if you do not include it.

Character's Supernatural Statistics:
· Power Title:
· Power Description:
· Power Flaws:

· Character's Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes statement: Please write a 2-5 paragraph description of your character's skills, knowledges, and attributes. Highlight any important statistics with BOLD, UNDERLINE or CAPITOL LETTERS.

You do NOT need separate sections for each skill, knowledge or attribute.

Last, with all FEATURE characters, please include which Marvel Comic Book they are from. (IE: Black Panther – Avengers, Scott Summers – Xmen)

Original characters are those that exist only in the world of Revolution X. They have no ties to any work comic book already written (though they may be inspired by them). They are created through a marvelous electrical force called 'thought' and then written onto paper by 'action'. Original characters may not too closely resemble pre-existing characters, especially those in non-thematic or copyrighted works. In other words, as much as you may wish that Witchblade, Batman, or even Dirty Harry were frolicking around the streets of our game, it just ain't gonna happen, buddy. You might have a young woman with metal-melding powers, an introspective crime-fighter with mysterious gadgets, or even a bitter, violence-prone officer, but they need to fit into the Theme. The rules are not hard and fast, so if you are puzzled over whether an idea of yours will sink or float, feel free to speak to any Theme staffer to check it out.

We've already got a boatload of apps. :) Looking for more. Tonight there should be the first characters approved on the game. :)
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